“People who love to eat are always the best people.”  Julia Child

Deirdre & Brian

A never-ending love affair with good coffee, good food and adventure eventually led Deirdre to Rochester, MN.

Starting with a comprehensive apprenticeship in Dublin, Ireland working in some of the finest Michelin starred restaurants with a desire to travel and experience as much as the food industry could deliver, found Deirdre traveling far and wide in pursuit of new flavours and experiences. These included stints in the UK, Sydney, Melbourne, Fiji, & Vanuatu with copious amounts of passport stamps in between. 

2003 saw Deirdre return to University in Melbourne to complete a Bachelor of Science. This opened up another world of food manufacturing and led to some fabulous experiences with the burgeoning Wagyu industry in Melbourne.

Family members enticed Deirdre back to Ireland in 2008 and led to a position with the Irish Dairy Board. Fate and a sense of adventure saw a transfer to Byron, MN in 2010 to play with some large scale cheese manufacturing equipment. A brief stint in Saudi Arabia and typical to Rochester, love finally caught up and Deirdre & Brian married in December 2015.

Finding herself with a few loose ends after her return to Rochester, Deirdre put a few brain cells together and started Le Petit Café – mobile version. The bricks and mortar would follow, but the ‘right’ feel for a premise had to surface.

With that mind set, Avalon and Le Petit Café, A European Bistro began.

With a lot of help, fabulous construction teams and some sincere belief in this project we are delighted to be able to share this space with you, we welcome you to experience our European flair and hospitality.

We wish to share our love of good food, good company and peaceful surroundings with Rochester.

Let us create memories and experiences together.


We encourage our staff to look beyond their core role. Understand how the whole business works to enable a sense of belonging. We seek to employ people who look at the bistro as a career path, not just a passing hobby.

Prospective Staff

We are always looking for talented professionals to compliment our team. To view positions we seek to fill, submit a resume or connect with us, please click the link below.


Kitchen Front of House
• Prep Chef

• Pastry Chef

• Wait Staff
• Bartender
• Janitor